Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are the elected representatives of the owners and are responsible for the operation of The Baxter.  The Condominium Act regulates the performance of their duties by requiring a quorum for all decisions, a declaration of any conflicts of interests and a protocol for all meetings. The Board has the statutory power to govern the operation by creating by-laws and rules (subject to owner ratification where required) and is mandated to oversee adherence by the corporation and its residents to the Condominium Act, the declaration, by-laws and rules.

The Baxter Board is comprised of 5 people with a standard term being 3 years. One or two positions are up for election at each year’s annual general meeting. At the first meeting following the election, the board members choose a president, secretary and treasurer. Current board members (and the year when their term is up) are;

  • Dave Dunford (2026), President
  • Colin Lindsay (2024), Secretary
  • Emilio Tarenzo (2026), Treasurer
  • Peter Sevadjian (2025), Vice President
  • Chris Bretton (2025), Vice President

Board Objectives: The Board has defined “good governance” as “acting honestly and in good faith in accordance with the provisions of the Condominium Act, and the corporation’s declarations, by-laws and rules to the benefit of owners” and has developed a Principles of Governance that the directors are committed to follow. The objectives of the Board are;

  1. Establish and maintain a high quality of living that protects the investment owners have made in their units.
  2. Provide fiscal responsibility through careful planning and monitoring of expenses.
  3. Promote a positive culture within the Baxter community including supporting social events.
  4. Act in a transparent manner answerable to owners.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly at a time that suits the majority of members. The meetings are generally closed but anyone wishing to meet with the board can do so. It is recommended that you advise the President in advance so you can be added to the meeting agenda. Decisions taken by the Board are generally communicated to owners and residents through a notice posted in common areas and via email. Where required by law, formal notifications are mailed to owners. In time, it is hoped that the secure area of this web site will replace mail.

Annual General Meeting

Once a year, all owners are invited to participate in the annual general meeting (AGM) either in person or through proxy. This is an extremely important component of the process of managing the condominium and all owners are encouraged to participate. Items covered at the AGM include;

  • board’s report to owners on the previous fiscal year and the outlook going forward,
  • election of new members to the board,
  • auditor’s report on the fiscal health of the condominium,
  • appointment of the auditor for the coming year, and
  • question and answer period.