Below are some of the questions often asked by residents. Clinking on the question will take you to the answer below.

Q1 – Where can my guests park their car?

There are no designated guest parking spots at the Baxter. There is a 20-minute limit at the drop-off at the front door and parking at the rear is managed as a municipal lot. There are, however, lots of additional municipal lots in the vicinity. Occasional overnight guests can register their cars with the city to avoid parking tickets.

Q2 – How do I allow a guest in through the lobby’s telephone entry system?

When the guest calls up from the lobby entry system phone, push and momentarily hold “9” on your phone to unlock the door. To simplify things for your guest, provide them in advance with your 4-digit entry code to save them looking it up. 

Q3 – How can I leave the building using the stairs?

Only stairwell #3 (across from the elevator) is available for regular use by residents to exit or enter the building. All other stairwells are alarmed and can only be used in the event of an emergency.

Q4 – How can I exit the underground parking if not in a car?

All stairwells leading from the garage are alarmed one-way exits only and can only be used in the event of an emergency. Pedestrians must use the elevator or the car ramp.

Q5 – Are there surveillance cameras in the elevators?

No. Cameras are located in all the elevator lobbies, common areas, parking levels and on the external of the building. A 24-hour recording is kept and is referred to when necessary (e.g. in the event of vandalism). 

Q6 – When does the mail arrive?

Mail delivery times can vary but the mail is generally here by 1:00pm.

Q7 – What is the cost of a new access device?

For door readers, an access card is $25 and a fob is $50. A garage remote for the overhead door is $50. These prices reflect our costs and can change from time to time. 

Q8 – What hours can I use the amenity areas?

The party room is available from 9am to 12 midnight, the BBQ terrace is open 8am to 11pm and the exercise/steam room is open 5am to 12 midnight.  

Q9 – The door to my unit doesn’t close properly. Who is responsible?

Often the problem is as simple as replacing the rubber spacers in the frame which are necessary to retain proper air circulation. Security can arrange to have this checked before outside help is called.  

Q10 – How much condo insurance do I need?

The condo corporation has insurance that covers all common elements and will pay to restore the interior of units back to their original “standard” as defined in By-Law #7. Residents are responsible for insuring all upgrades beyond the “standard”, unit contents and liability insurance.  

Q11 – Can I rent or lease my unit?

Yes, but… Renting or leasing is permitted but there are a number of conditions associated with it and are described more fully in By-Law #8 and Section 12 of the rules. Generally, the term of the lease must be for a minimum of 12 months and the owner retains full responsibility for the actions of the renter.

Q12 – Are there restrictions on changes that I can make to my unit?

Yes. Any changes that could potentially impact common elements must be approved by the Board. This includes things that are electrical, plumbing, wall movement or wall penetration. It also includes any changes you are considering to “exclusive use” common elements, such as balcony or terrace. The proposed changes must be described on the In Suite Alteration Request and submitted to the management office. In most cases the changes are straightforward and approved quickly.

Q13 – When I have a plumbing or electrical problem within my unit, do I call my own service company?

We strongly recommend that you identify plumbing and electrical problems to the management office before calling your own service personnel. The source of the problem may be external to your unit and our problem to correct, not yours. 

Q14 – Are there time limits on when I can have work done on my unit?

Yes, apart from emergency repairs, work is only permitted between 8:00am and 8:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

Q15 – Who is responsible for the HVAC System in my unit?

The heating and air conditioning systems within units are closed systems apart from the hot/cold water delivered to the fan coils. Owners are responsible for them, however, the board has contracted with Climinetics to inspect clean and maintain them in the Spring and Fall. If you experience a problem, inform the security desk as it could be covered under our maintenance agreement.

Q16 – Can I have a BBQ on my balcony?

No. BBQ’s are only permitted on terraces and must be well away from the building. Two BBQ’s are available on the 9th floor terrace for residents’ use.

Q17 – Are we allowed pets?

Yes, the declaration permits up to 2 pets with certain conditions. Section 12 of the rules stipulates further conditions, including a weight limitation on dogs not to exceed 25 lbs.

Q18 – Can we have real Christmas trees?

No. Because of a potential fire hazard and the mess associated with the disposal of trees, real trees are prohibited.