Board of Directors

Overall building management is provided by the Board of Directors who are elected by the owners at the Annual General Meeting. The board is responsible for managing the condominium corporation’s business affairs, enforcing the condominium documents (declaration, by-laws and rules) and ensuring compliance with the Condominium Act of Ontario. For greater detail on the board’s responsibilities and a list of the current directors, click here.

One of the key appointments by the board is the retention of a property manager to manage the building on a day-to-day basis.  Property management at the Baxter is provided by Progress Property Management.

Progress Property Management

Progress Property Management oversees all operational aspects of the condominium; security, building maintenance, financial accounting, record-keeping, enforcement of rules and regulations and liaison with owners. Administrative duties include collecting condo fees, paying bills, maintaining records on unit ownership, and dealing with resident complaints. They occupy the ground floor management office with on-site hours where they can be available to residents.

The property manager’s relationship with the board is a close one. They develop the annual budget for board approval, submit monthly financial reports to the board to track expenses, attend the monthly board meetings to update the board on projects or issues and monitor and report on maintenance and safety issues. Owners should view the property managers as an extension of the board and deal with them directly on any issues or concerns.

Contacts:    905 639-3607

Concierge/Building Security

The condominium has retained Guardian Security to staff the security desk in the lobby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their responsibilities are many but their primary job is to monitor building security and assist residents in dealing with any situation that may occur where they need emergency services. Security is supported by a number of high-definition security cameras placed around the exterior and interior of the building. The security personnel are very familiar with the rules and regulations, the physical attributes of the building and have the necessary contact information in the event outside assistance is required. The front security desk should be residents’ first point of contact regarding most operational aspects of the building. Anything that they can’t resolve will be forwarded to the property manager for follow up. To contact the front security desk, call 905 639-1309.


Staff are on site Monday through Friday for general cleaning and maintenance of common areas. Although some high traffic areas such as the lobby are dealt with daily, other areas are cleaned as per an agreed schedule. Hall floors, for instance, are vacuumed twice per week, either Monday & Thursday or Tuesday and Friday plus once on the weekend. Residents play an important part in the overall appearance of the building and everyone is asked to treat the common areas in the same manner as they would their own unit. Unlike hotels, condominiums do not have staff to pick up after people.

Larger maintenance activities are accomplished through outside agencies. These include;

  • Monthly servicing of elevators,
  • Exterior window cleaning in Spring and Fall,
  • Parking garage power sweeping in Fall and power wash in Spring,
  • Spring & Fall maintenance and filter changes of in suite HVAC systems,
  • Snow removal and grounds maintenance,
  • Seasonal flower box planting, and
  • General painting touch-up as required.

For major repairs, the management company calls in the appropriate service company.