Moving In/Moving Out

Whether moving in, moving out or expecting a large delivery, you will need to reserve the freight elevator. Complete the Elevator Booking Form indicating the date and time of day when you require use of the elevator. The elevator can be booked between 8 am and 8 pm, excluding Sundays and holidays. Conflicting requests are rare but submit your request to the Concierge Desk at your earliest convenience. Access to the freight elevator is through the rear door at the back of the building. For those moving in or out, there is a $65 fee to cover normal “cleaning costs”. Staff will hang protective padding in the elevator as well as place a protective plastic over the hall carpets. Should any damage result from the move, you will be held responsible for all repairs.

If you are moving in, you are required to complete and submit either the Owner Information Form or the Resident Information Form before you can reserve the elevator. You should also read the information on I am New to the Baxter.

If you are moving out, you will be expected to turn over all pass keys to the building.