I am new to The Baxter

Welcome to the Baxter! Whether you are a new owner or a new resident, we want to make your transition to the Baxter as pleasant as possible. If, like many of us, this is your first experience with condo living, it may take some adjusting. The biggest change, of course, is that it is community living which comes with “rules”. They may seem restrictive at first but they are mostly common sense and are there for the protection and enjoyment of us all.

This web site will be a prime source of considerable information and you are encouraged to browse through it. There are a number of things you need to do at the outset and the check list below is a guideline.

  1. If you are an owner, complete the Owner Information Form at your earliest opportunity and submit it to the Management Company. If you are a renter, complete the Resident Information Form. Little can happen until we have this information.
  2. As soon as you know your move in date, complete the Elevator Booking Request to reserve the freight elevator.
  3. Make sure you get your building entry pass (or fob), garage door remote opener, locker room key and unit key from the previous owner. You will need to supply your own lock for your locker.
  4. You should have received a copy of the declaration and rules from your lawyer (if a new owner) or your unit owner (if renting). Make sure you read them to understand your rights and obligations. (These documents are also available on this web site by clicking on the links above.)
  5. Arrange for unit insurance to cover contents and unit upgrades.
  6. If you have a bicycle, check for an available spot in the bicycle storage areas. (See Bicycle Storage.)
  7. If when you move in you haven’t received an access code to log in to the secure web site as a result of step 1, notify the security desk.
  8. Explore the building and check out the various amenities.
  9. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours, management company and security personnel, and people you meet on the elevator.

If you have any questions or concerns that you don’t feel are being addressed, ask to meet with a board member and we will arrange for a one-on-one meeting. We hope your stay will be enjoyable and a long one.